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Cabrales cream cheese. "LA FUEYA"

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3,95 € tax incl.

3,95 €

Protected designation of origin CABRALES.

Glass container of  200 grams

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Cabrales cheese is produced only in the village of the same name and three villages of the Peñamellera Alta township, located on the northern sur of the Europa Peaks in eastern Asturias.


This is certainly the most well-known Spanish blue cheese due to the manner in which goat farmers jealously guard its origin and authenticity.


It is easily recognized by its foil wrapping with the Cabrales "Denominación de Origen" Regulatory Board logo. This organization is the only one authorized to monitor and authenticate the origin and quality of Cabrales cheese.





LA FUEYA savory  cheese cream made ​​with Cabrales cheese.

Spreadable consistency, has an intense flavor and aroma and is ideal for dipping.