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Iberian Chorizo

Iberian Chorizo

Chorizo Ibérico: The taste of Spain on your table

Discover the authentic taste of Spain with our Iberian chorizo, made with top quality Iberian pork and traditional spices.

In Sabores de Carmen you will find:

  • Pure acorn-fed Iberian chorizo: A unique delicacy with an intense flavour and juicy texture.
  • Chorizo ibérico de cebo: A slightly milder flavour but equally delicious.
  • Chorizo ibérico cular: A traditional sausage with a smoky touch.
  • Chorizo ibérico vela: An ideal format for snacking or cooking.

Taste the difference:

  • Free-range Iberian pork: Our Iberian pigs live free-range in the dehesas of Spain, feeding on acorns and natural grasses.
  • Top quality meat: We carefully select the meat to offer you the highest quality Iberian chorizo.
  • Traditional production: We follow the traditional recipe to offer you an Iberian chorizo with an authentic flavour.

Enjoy Iberian chorizo on any occasion:

  • As an aperitif: Alone or accompanied by Manchego cheese, loaf bread and a glass of red wine.
  • In tapas and pinchos: An ideal ingredient to add a touch of flavour to your tapas and pinchos.
  • In stews and traditional dishes: An essential ingredient in Spanish cuisine.

Sabores de  Carmen:

Personalised customer service: We advise you and answer your questions so that you can find the perfect Iberian chorizo.

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the authentic taste of Spain: Buy our chorizo now!

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