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Vega del Geva Crianza

Vega del Geva Crianza

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€12.54 / litro

Red wine.

Product of  Málaga, Spain



Zone: Álora-Málaga.

D.O. Sierra de Málaga.

Grape: Shiraz 40%-Cabernet sauvignon 35%-Merlot 25 %

Alcohol Percentage: Vol 13,5%

Visual color: Color between ruby and intensive clean cherry.

“Bodega Pérez Hidalgo” is a creative and personal move in the world of wine. From the fruits to vines that grow beneath the Málaga sun aged wines are produce with the wood from oak trees, which make them have a particular and unique color.


Characteristics: hosts a wide range of wild red fruits (blackberries, raspberries), all of them are wrapped in an American and French barrel (notes of vanilla y spices, and above all else pepper). The intense balsamic aroma is very pleasing; eucalyptus, fennel, rosemary…complex, juicy and structured. The breeding of the wine is perfectly mixed with the wood and fruit as its base. Two characteristics set it apart, the first is that not a single trace of it is unripe and second is its completely velvet structure. It’s recommended to decant the wine and let it breathe.


It received an exceptional rating in the Superwines Guide from 2017 (the guide for the best supermarket wines)


It also received 5 “ojos de Lince”, which is another type of rating scale used for wine. This is the highest ranking in three years, the best red wine in the guide.







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