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Chicón Home Style Gordal Olives x 6 Jars

Chicón Home Style Gordal Olives x 6 Jars

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Chicón home-style Gordal olives!

Packaged in 900 gram glass jars.




Discover the authentic taste of the Mediterranean with our Chicón home-style Gordal olives ! Immerse yourself in a unique gastronomic experience with our selection of olives carefully cultivated and prepared to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Our Gordal olives, known for their generous size and fleshy flesh, are grown in the sunny fields of Andalusia, where the perfect climate and fertile soil come together to offer you the most exceptional quality.

Made using traditional methods, our Chicón home-style olives are carefully selected by hand to guarantee maximum freshness and flavour in every bite. Their firm, juicy texture combined with their robust, slightly salty flavour makes them the perfect accompaniment to any occasion, whether as an appetizer, in gourmet salads or as a garnish for your favourite dishes.

With our pack of 6 jars, you'll have enough to share with friends and family at your gatherings and celebrations, or simply to enjoy at home in those moments of relaxation. What's more, their elegant and practical presentation makes them the ideal gift for lovers of good food.

Get your hands on our Chicón home-style Gordal olives now and let the authentic flavour of the countryside come straight to your table!

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