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Bellota iberian ham shoulder.

New product

130,00 € tax incl.

Ham shoulder elaborated from acorn-fed, free-range pigs.

aprox weight 4- 4.5 kilos

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Iberia ham shoulder produced by a small family business dedicated to the breeding  of the Iberian pig.


Ibérico pigs run free in family groups, feasting on the sweet encina acorns, as well as wild herbs and grasses. The acorns impart a delicious nutty flavor, and are full of antioxidants, which allow the pork to be cured for extended periods with very little salt.


When you receive your Jamón Ibérico de Bellota, we suggest you unwrap the ham and let it breathe in a cool, dry place for several days. The ham can be stored this way for months. Harmless mold may cover the ham over time, it can simply be wiped away when you are ready to slice with a cloth and olive oil. When you are ready to slice the ham, be sure to use a sturdy ham holder and a very sharp ham knife.