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Málaga Raisins DO. La Borgeña 200 gr
Málaga Raisins DO. La Borgeña 200 gr
Málaga Raisins DO. La Borgeña 200 gr
Málaga Raisins DO. La Borgeña 200 gr

Málaga Raisins DO. La Borgeña 200 gr

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€27.89 / kg

Raisins with Desination of Origin. Pasas de Málaga. An International reputation of high quality.

World Agricultural Heritage

Net weight 7 oz

Produced and grown in Spain.

Sabor a Málaga



DO Málaga Raisins are an exclusive product of the province of Málaga and more specifically from the region of the Axarquía and the Costa del Sol municipality of Manilva. It is an ancestral product made from Muscatel grape. These, after being traditionally harvested, are dried in the sun with a natural tradition. This natural process of transformation of grapes into raisins is the only one allowed by the DO Málaga Raisin regulation, which ensures raisin quality and traditional production. The result is a unique raisin in terms of taste, texture and colour.


The Characteristic of our grapes is the size, they are large raisins, comparing to other raisins that can be found in the market as the Sultanas or Corinto. DO Regulation establishes that there cannot be more than 80 fruits per 100 grams. In addition to its size and round shape, its colour is unmistakable, since the natural drying gives it a purplish black that has little to do with the red or other colorations obtained from an early grape harvest or artificial drying processes. But what most defines DO Málaga raisins is its muscatel flavour, which is enhanced by an intense aroma finish.

Nutritional Information


100 g

30 g

Energetic value

1.199,46 Kj

286,68 Kj

359 Kj

86 Kcal


0,72 g

0,22 g

Which saturated

0,22 g

0,07 g


65,23 g

19,57 g

Of which sugar

64,28 g

19,28 g


4,82 g

1,45 g


0,12 g

0,004 g

 *30 g: Portion



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