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Tuna belly fillet in olive oil. La Chanca

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7,35 € tax incl.

La Chanca, preserving the best.

225 grams.

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La Chanca products are the result of a long tradition of craftsmanship in which combine the experience of its professionals with technological advances and health.

Using raw materials abundant in the coast of Cadiz, and natural preservatives such as olive oil or sea salt and using the privileged setting , La Chanca ​​gets an exceptional product range, which we hope they deserved you trust.





Light tuna ventrescas cooked and then preserved in olive oil. Just in the right cooking point  and  the olive oil make it a real treat.

The ventresca (belly tuna) is a part of the tuna, considered the most juicy and tastier of this fish because marbling in it. Fat, makes this product particularly soft on the palate.