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Extra virgin olive oil  Hojiblanca.1 l

Extra virgin olive oil Hojiblanca.1 l

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Among extra virgin olive oils there are differences which you can appreciate by just tasting them. We encourage you to have a tasting session. With some nice white bread and a little bit of Hojiblanca on a plate, you can discover the secrets of extra virgin olive oil: A wide base, shiny and fruity with green olive. The hojiblanca variety right in its optimum ripeness. Combined with the bouquet of other, also ripe, fruits. A touch of refreshing but subtle green grass. Some slightly bitter and spicy touches which gives this unique and distinctive character.


An oil with a distinctive character but at the same time mild and calm. It perfectly combines with all types of dishes. It provides a good aromatic base to very elaborate dishes as well as that special touch to salads and cold dishes. Ideal to cook with without having to be scared of making a mistake. It enriches the taste of any dish, providing its own nuances. A versatile and delicious oil to use either raw or in cooking, as well as for frying and grilling meats and vegetables.


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