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kit "Grilled Chorizo"

kit "Grilled Chorizo"

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A  truly novel way of serving Spanish chorizo or Spanish black pudding tapas to your guests without having to cook.


kit "Grilled Chorizo":


-1 Terracotta Chorizo Pig.


-2 kebab sticks.

 -A String of the best quality Spanish Chorizo from Serrania de Ronda, vacuum-packed. (650 grams   aprox).

 How to use:

Putting some inflammable liquid in the container * to use less liquid can put a cotton bud along the piggy and ignite. Served on a kebab stick which allows it to be turned and warmed through from all sides.

 * The flammable liquid normally used  is alcohol 96 °, although  cognac,, rum, whiskey…can also be used . Each will bring a different touch and taste.


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